Bank Robbers Beware

July 14, 2008

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WXTX) - FBI officials will soon use a new tool to catch bank robbers.  They want to make it easier for the public to access pictures of suspects.

After a spike in bank robberies last year, the FBI and the Georgia Association of Bank Security are teaming up to fight crime in the state.  It's a simple website:

The public can check out the website and even send in comments online or contact local law enforcement officials if you recognize someone on the site.

"We felt we could use some type of web-based program to get out this information so lawenforcements could share amongst each other the info and solicit help from the public. We are trying to partner up with the public in getting these individuals off the street," said Atlanta FBI Spokesman Stephen Emmett.

Local FBI agents say they too will use the new tool and hope the public will cooperate in logging onto the site.