Muscogee County Coroner Violates Campaign Finance Laws

July 16th, 2008

COLUMBUS Ga. (WXTX)-In the midst of a recount in the coroner's race, Ricky Weeks threw a curve ball Wednesday morning, announcing his intent to file an a complaint with the Georgia State Ethics Board.

He says incumbent Bill Thrower has yet to turn in any campaign disclosure forms.

"I have filed both of mine in March and June on time, but Bill has not filed for this year or for office last year," said Ricky Weeks, a Coroner candidate.

After a visit to the Columbus Elections website, News Leader Nine did find Thrower's paperwork for 2007...but Elections Supervisor Nancy Boren confirms there is no record of any campaign disclosures for 2008.

Wednesday, Thrower talked with WTVM, and says this is all just an honest mistake.

"This is all new to me, first time I've run for office, I've learned, and it's being taken care of," said Bill Thrower.

According to Georgia's Ethics in Government Act...anybody found in violation could be charged with a misdemeanor and fined.

The Ethics Board Decision, though, has no effect on the election, and if Thrower gets the most votes, he will still take office.

"It may not help the outcome of the election, I know the recount is next week, but let's play on a fair, level field," said Weeks.

For now, Thrower, who is leading by 210 votes, can only try to reassure the people who cast their ballots for him.

"I want them to know I want to be held accountable in office, either by the means of getting here or staying here and what I do everyday," said Ricky Weeks.

If the State Ethics Board chooses to hear Week's complaint, it will be addressed at their next meeting on October 2nd.

As for the recount, Nancy Boren expects that to be complete either Monday or Tuesday of next week.