Skeletal Remains Linked to Missing Columbus Man

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by Taylor Barnhill

WTVM Reporter
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July 17, 2008

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WXTX) -- Police have linked human remains found on River Road to a man who has been missing since October of 2007. News Leader Nine met with Ronald Johnson's family to find out what happened the night he disappeared.

In February, police discovered skeletal remains located on River Road. Since then, police have been able to identify the remains as 53-year-old Ronald Johnson. His family says Ronald could frequently be found walking up and down that same road.

Ronald's brother Lorenza Johnson told News Leader Nine, "He left cheerfully one Saturday night, stayed out a while and he got killed by a car. He got knocked in a ditch near here."

Ronald and his brother Lorenza are both mentally ill and lived together a house just a few yards away from where his remains were found.

"It was an accident, but he didn't like life. He was a bit blue," said Johnson.

In October, Albert Johnson, the oldest brother, reported Ronald had been missing for two months. The family is now grieving with the news of his death.

"My brother [Albert] almost had a fit, I know. I didn't cry," said Lorenza Johnson. Although Lorenza is staying strong, he misses his brother and house-mate,"I'm home alone. I've been home alone for 13 months. He's with the Lord. He's gone on."

If you have any information on the driver involved in this hit and run Columbus Police urge you to contact Crime Stoppers at 706-653-3188.