Saving Money Shopping at Dollar Stores

July 17, 2008

DOUGHERTY COUNTY, Ga (WALB) - A dollar won't buy you much these days. But it will buy you more in a dollar store than most other retailers. As the economy continues to struggle. More people are turning to dollar stores to buy everyday items.

The Dollar Tree is filled with shoppers and not because of a big sale but because everything at the Dollar Tree costs a dollar. And many recent shoppers are new customers. Bernice Key is one of them.

"No, I never used to shop here. As a matter of a fact I would just go to what was more convenient and just get up and go and get what I want to have so, but now its a factor."

There are several people just like Bernice who say they don't really have a choice but to pinch pennies. With gas prices at four dollars a gallon and higher, food prices are also at an all time high.

"I think it all goes back to the gas prices again, because it costs more for the trucks to bring stuff," Bernice says.

But for some bargain shoppers, this is not a new concept. Albany resident Lavern Kistler says he's been a devout dollar store shopper for as long as he can remember.

"I got some muscle cream, shaving cream, and got some razors," he says. His total?

"$3.21. Can't beat it."

When asked why he shops at The Dollar Tree, his answer was simple.

"To save money, that's the only reason. High prices of everything else, and you can get good deals at the dollar store," says Lavern.

Food items like pasta, canned foods, and juice are literally several dollars cheaper here than at the regular grocery store. At this Dollar Tree location on Ledo Road here in Dougherty County, workers say they will be getting a cooler that will contain more food items come January. Providing even more opportunity for people to keep a little more money in their pockets.

And he only had one thing to say to people who don't shop at dollar stores.

"They're wasting money! Because you can get things here that are just as good as other places, at a lower price."

A simple concept that people everywhere starting to recognize.

The Dollar Tree across from the Albany Mall already has a cooler for food items in place, which means it can accept food stamps.

The other location on Ledo Road will begin accepting food stamps in January.