Dating on a Dime

July 18, 2008

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WXTX) - "To go to the regular movie, like I would like to go see the new Batman movie, but it will cost us $25 if we get tickets and popcorn and drinks," says Columbus resident Paul Dobbs.

That's why he and his wife Elisabeth frequently visit Peachtree 8.

"During the week it only cost a $1.00 and on Friday and Saturday, it's $2.50, can't beat it," exclaims Paul.

But some couples say these days, they never even make it to the theatre.

"Sit at home and watch movies," says Tori Baggett and boyfriend James Missildine.

While renting movies certainly makes a cheap date night.

There are other ways couples can get creative.

"Sometimes we go to Lakebottom Park and have a picnic," says Paul.

"And we like to go to the library, off on, the Britt David Library and just sit there and read the paper, adds Elisabeth."

"She reads and I use the computer," adds Paul.

Or if you're like Kewani Grier and her husband, finding the time to go out can be even more of a challenge.

They typically hang out with other couples who have kids.

"We usually get together with a group of friends, we have cookouts, we go swimming, everybody has a good time, we put on the music and dance," says Grier.

Dates like that fit in the schedule and the budget.

"The children are so busy with different activities, we we don't have the extra to splurge like we used to, so we have to really watch what we do, so that way everybody's happy, I'm happy, dad's happy, the kids are happy and my pockets are happy!"

A few other tips:

Go to restaurants that offer specials and maybe split a big meal.

Have a date night where you just go out for coffee or dessert instead of an entire meal.

Look for offers for local events and concerts in those monthly coupon packets.

Enroll in a class that both people can enjoy.