One year later: A killer on the run, an international search is on

Randy Newton - killed July 20, 2007
Randy Newton - killed July 20, 2007
Brian Kilgore -- killed July 20, 2007
Brian Kilgore -- killed July 20, 2007
Suspected murderer: Michael Jason Registe
Suspected murderer: Michael Jason Registe

July 21, 2008

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - The date July 20, 2007 still haunts the families of Brian Kilgore and Randy Newton...even one year later.

"I can still see the coroner the night he came to the door," said Mary Ingram, the aunt of Randy Newton.

It was the parking lot of Cross Creek Apartments off of Steam Mill Road that police found the bodies of the two boys shot to death inside Kilgore's truck.

After dozen's of interviews with witnesses, police pinpointed their man, 26-year-old Michael Jason Registe.

Investigators quickly learned he had a plane ticket already booked to fly to the U.S. Virgin them very little time to try and catch their man.

"That's when the investigators did not go home...we continued to search until we realized he had fled the country," said Lt. Steve Cox of the Columbus Police Department.

The manhunt soon went worldwide, when the FBI and even Interpol got involved...but to this day, Registe still remains at large.

"You go to bed but you still think about's in the back of your head that he hasn't been caught," said Raymond Newton, the brother of Randy Newton.

As time passed, things haven't become easier for either family.

Birthdays have been tough for the Newtons'...Randy would have turned 22 this month.

As for the Kilgores', the baseball fields at CSU continue to bring back memories of Brian.

"I think one of the toughest things for his family was to come out and watch us play, it opened up wounds," said Greg Appleton, Brian's baseball coach at CSU.

When conversation turns to Registe, his name continues to bring mixed emotions for those close to the boys.

"We all want justice to be done, for there to be closure...but for me, it's not gonna make it better. It's not going to bring Brian back," said Appleton.

"He's alright now, he's at peace...and we someday will have peace when this guy is caught," said Ingram.

Even with the help of America's Most Wanted, as well as a 20,000 reward from the FBI, none of the tips given to police have panned out.

If you have any information on this case, you are asked to call Columbus Police at 706-653-3400.