Brown Bag Effect

July 21, 2008

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WXTX) - It's quick and easy and more importantly, cheap.  That's the biggest reason more folks say they're packing their lunch these days.

Local physician's assistant April Howell is enjoys a salad and some fresh fruit for her lunch Monday, a far cry from what she admits was the norm.

"I was eating french fries, onion rings, we would go to get a sub or something like that," says Howell.

Howell says she realizes, she was wasting gas and money on each of those daily trips.

"When you actually sit down and think about how much you spend to run out and get a meal where you can pay $7.00 to $10.00 for something and that adds up over the days," says Howell.

WTVM's own Rebekah Jones is the ultimate brown bagger!  Like clockwork, you'll find her in the break room at lunch time.

Jones says she controls calories and cash by bringing a meal from home.

"This lunch probably cost me around $3.00...$3.25 and that's pretty cheap," says Jones.

Plus, she prevents late afternoon trips to the vending machine by keeping extra snacks packed at the office.

In fact, her cabinet looks more like a small pantry.  She keeps everything from canned soup and tuna to peanut butter and granola bars.

Both Jones and Howell say they suspect as times get tight, more folks will be joining their little brown bag club.

For now, Howell says she's working hard to lose a little weight and add a little cash back to her pocket, so taking her lunch to work seems like one good way to start.

"I'm really trying to because this has really put a crunch on everybody!"