Mauled boy needs 200 stitches

By Christian Jennings - bio | email

Aug. 1, 2008

Ty Ty, GA (WALB) - A five year old boy is recovering after more than four hours of reconstructive surgery to repair wounds from a pit bull attack in his own front yard.

The boy was taken to Tift Regional Medical Center after the attack, and he's in good condition in Macon at Central Georgia Children's Hospital.

Wednesday afternoon Jackie Medders' worst nightmare came true. She watched in horror as her five year old grandson was attacked by a pit bull.

"He come just like mad--- and I just curled up over the baby," said Medders.

Five-year-old Larry Pullen, Jr. and his two year old brother Tony were playing outside in the yard. Their dad, Larry Pullen, Senior was next door cutting his neighbor's grass when he heard the screams.

"It ripped from here, all the way down, it took his whole face off,"  said property owner Lisa Wallace.

After getting the boy away from the dog, Mr. Pullen realized his younger child was missing, only to find him steps away from the pit bull.

His arm was chewed up pretty bad trying to save his two year old.

But the dog didn't stop there. He then charged the officers on the scene. After several gun shots, the dog finally went down, and died. By this time, little Larry Jr. had already been rushed to the hospital.

"I made a decision, the dog had his three year shots, but since the child was bitten in the face, we made the decision to take it to diagnostics lab to have it tested for rabies," said Regina Wells, Animal Control Officer.

But there are still questions about HOW the dog got out of the house.

"It was shut, the backdoor was shut. There was no way the dog was going to get out," said Matt Kelly, Dog-sitter.

The dog's owner has been out of town for over two weeks. Matt Kelly was left as the babysitter, and now has three citations regarding the incident.

Little Larry's family says he's doing just fine. But his grandmother is still shaken up after lying over her grandson, trying to protect his life.

"It was just an instinct that I didn't want him to die. He had done enough," said his grand mother.

Their family and neighbors can now rest in peace, knowing the dog won't attack again.

Larry Pullen Jr. had to get more than 200 stitches to his face.

His family says the boy is doing just sad he'll have to miss his first day of Kindergarten, which starts next week.