Fox 54 Idol Contest Winner Announced

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By Jason Dennis
      news anchor
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August 12, 2008

Columbus, GA (WXTX) -

We spent this past Saturday, watching people from all over the valley audition for Fox 54 Idol.  75 contestants sang their hearts out at the Village Mall in Auburn, AL.

We're now announcing the winner of our contest.  23-year-old Matt Stodghill wins a trip to New Jersey next week and a guaranteed audition in front of American Idol producers.

Stodghill, a recent CSU graduate, sang "Unchained Melody" in our Fox 54 contest.

"I was pretty speechless this morning (told tuesday he won contest).   I couldn't belive it.   I thought fox called me to tell me i didn't make it, because the (auburn) competition was great.   Everyone sang extremely well," stodghill said.

This will be his third time auditioning for American Idol, but thanks to us, he gets to skip to the front of the long line. Stodghill hopes to see the Idol judges, for a second time.

"I'm going to do a song I haven't sung before, in front of them (Randy, Simon, Paula), and last time I was there, Paula told me i was going to come back and blow them away, so I'm really looking forward to blowing her away this time," Stodghill said.

Singing in church since age 6, Stodghill says he's fired up to go to the Meadowlands in New Jersey...Fox 54 paying for his flight and hotel.

If you'd like to track his idol hopes or support stodghill, he's created a page -