Columbus PD arrest wrong men for bank robbery; manhunt underway

Sept. 10, 2008

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Police say the three men were dressed in all black, their faces covered with stockings.

Two of the men, police say, went inside and held bank clerks at gun point, while the other stayed in the car.

The search was on for three black men driving a Chevy Cavalier, medium to light blue in color.

A police chopper searching overhead spotted a car fitting that complete description-- except the color of the car But, three black males were inside the car. Around the same time the car was spotted, investigators searching on the ground found a bag of cash in a ditch behind the post office loading facility on Buena Vista Road. That's near the same location where police stopped the men. Police took all of them into custody.

But Wednesday night, we learn the three men and the cash found were all a coincidence. Police released those men and the search is still on for three black males driving a Chevy Cavalier medium to light blue in color.

The license plate reads ARV947.