Hometown Spirit: Pacelli's Flag Football Team

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | e-mail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The Saint Anne Pacelli athletic department got together and decided to create a program that reached out to younger students.

Flag football coordinator Megan Folds told News Leader Nine, "The people we weren't reaching were third to fifth grade and we felt like they had a lot to offer so we formed teams for them to play."

And that's how the flag football team got its start.

Player Greer Reed explained, "It's practically like regular football except you don't wear pads, you can't tackle and you try to grab other people's flags."

"We've learned several simple routes for them to run and we switch off the quarterback - so anyone who wants to be quarterback can. They'll run simple routes and defense pulls the flags," added Folds.

The group is split into two teams and they play before every home football game.

Reed said, "It's kind of hard sometimes if you're playing against someone bigger than you are."

Football players from the high school help the team during their practices and games. Folds says it helps boost the team's moral, "To be on the field where the high school gets to play just blows some of their minds and they are so excited to be a part, to be called a Viking and not just cheer for them."