Where Do You Find Hope?

Where do you find hope in tough times?

What do you lean on when life's pressures are more than you can bear?

Where do you find strength when you're worn out and can't "deal" any longer?

Does the world seem to disappoint you time and time again?  What about your job - the people you thought you could count on?

Do you have anything or anyone you can absolutely rely on 100 percent of the time without fail?

What allows some people to see the positive side, and have hope even in troubled times, while others allow anger, frustration and misery to overcome them?

If your life isn't what you thought it would be, or you're struggling with some of life's challenges, perhaps there's something missing.  Could it be that you have little or no faith?  Could it be that faith would give you the very peace that you seek?

Check out one of the local a.s.k. churches.  Ask about faith and how it can empower you and enrich your life.  Learn how faith reveals hope in all things and can give you a renewed sense of purpose for living life to its fullest. 

If you have questions, it never hurts to a.s.k.  Look at it this way; you have nothing to lose, and perhaps everything to gain.  a.s.k. today... you may be one question away from a more fulfilling and peaceful journey.