Larry Munson - September 23

Retirement is often considered a welcome change of pace from a world of deadlines, budgets, and day-to-day jobs.

However, this is not the case with Georgia football broadcaster Larry Munson.

The man, who threw unbiased journalism out the window and cheered for Georgia as loudly through the radio as fans do in Sanford stadium, will be sorely missed by those who pull for the Bulldogs.

The funny thing is, he might be equally as missed by those who cheer for Georgia's opponent.

His unique style made for an enjoyable broadcast.

Even though you may not have enjoyed what was being said, you always respected the manner in which it was spoken.

We understand health problems were the cause of his mid-season departure after 42-plus years in the booth.

Munson's voice will be sorely missed by the Georgia fan base and we only hope his health improves.

Maybe now he can even relax and watch the games, as a fan, for the team he so dearly loves.