A Pig Sooie Shocker in Auburn

Auburn, AL (WTVM) - It started with a bang: Tristan Davis raced 94 yards for Auburn's first kickoff return for a touchdown in three years.

Then their SEC title dreams poofed away with deception, three interceptions, and a 63 yard fourth quarter sprint by Michael Smith.

Tommy Tuberville knows that the next few weeks will show the true character of the Tigers.

He said "we're going to have to dig deep, we're going to have to dig hard. Even as bad as we played, and coached in terms of offense, we did have a chance there in the end."

With a new play-caller in Steve Ensminger, Auburn stayed with the spread. At times it tasted good, others not so much. The quarterback situation is still a question mark. There are five games left to find answers.

Junior tight end Tommy Trott said it's a matter of execution. "We throw the ball a thousand times in practice, and we make them there. We got to start making them out here at Jordan-Hare."

Sophomore quarterback Kodi Burns threw for 119 yards, rushed for a touchdown, but threw two interceptions in the loss. "Game after game, it's just little things we have to correct, and we could put up at least three or four more touchdowns."

Auburn's defense lost its swagger, giving up 416 yards. They've lost back to back conference losses for the first time since 2003. The Tigers have to get their teeth back, and fast.

Freshman punter Clinton Durst feels the same way. "We got five games to go, the season's not over. Just got a lot of work to do and a lot of things to prove. And we will. We're an unbelievable team, with unbelievable players, unbelievable coaching staff. And times like this, you don't give up, and we're not going to give up," he said.

After the pig sooie shocker, Auburn's bye week couldn't have come at a better time. In just three weeks, the Tigers have gone from division title contenders to the doldrums. They have just 12 days to rest and re-assess for the long road trip to Morgantown.

Chris Hudgison