Church Donations Are Down Due To The Economy

By Greg Funderburg - bio | e-mail

COLUMBUS, Ga.  (WTVM) -- Most worshippers believe you should bring your tithes and offering to the store house or better known as the church.  However, in these tough financial times some have cut back on their giving, but not everyone.

"I still pay my tithes despite the way the economy is right now.   I feel like I need to do it because that is what I was taught to do," said Tracy Williams.

One lady told us she has stepped back from giving as much because she's a single mother of three kids.  "I'm use to putting 10% into the church, but I can't do it right.  I really feel bad about it, but I have to feed my kids," said an unidentified woman.

She's not alone, local pastors say churches across the country are feeling the financial strain  "We are not taking in the money we did this time last year but were paying the bills.  God is still taking care of the church," said Rev. Raymond Cochran, Franchise Baptist Church.

"I know many churches tithing is staying strong while giving to missionaries' things like the building fund and special offerings are declining," said GA District of Assembly of God spokesman Pastor Dennis Lacey.

Some people say they just have to pay the bills instead of holding onto faith.  "One day I will be able to go back to paying 10% until then I will do what I can," said unidentified woman.