Jack Hughston Memorial Hospital and Hughston Clinic

The Hughston name has been a part of the Chattahoochee Valley for nearly 60 years. The Hughston Clinic and the Hughston physicians are renowned nationally and internationally for exceptional treatment and rehabilitation of orthopaedic and sports medicine injuries. And the Hughston organization is a celebrated leader for research and educational contributions to the medical community. Our dedication to patient care spans Alabama and Georgia through our many clinics and rehabilitation centers located across the Chattahoochee Valley.

Our determination to carryout Dr. Hughston's vision is what has kept us in the forefront of patient care and it is what encourages us to continue our mission today. The same Hughston vision that has kept us changing, evolving, and growing leads us to one of our most powerful visions yet-The Jack Hughston Memorial Hospital.

Jack Hughston Memorial Hospital and Hughston Clinic

Built in 2006, The Jack Hughston Memorial Hospital is a beautiful, 110,000 square-foot facility. All of our patient rooms are spacious and private and each room is equipped with a 27-inch flat screen television. Our nursing stations are close at hand, reassurance that you are receiving the care you deserve. Wireless Internet throughout, a dining hall with outdoor terrace, and floor-to-ceiling windows are all designed to make our patients and their families feel welcome.

Only minutes separate The Hughston Clinic and the Jack Hughston Memorial Hospital; but, with our medical records system the two are connected instantly. Additionally, our outpatient services, paper-free admissions process, and digital x-rays reduce tension, save time, and enhance our stress-free atmosphere.

Orthopaedic program at Jack Hughston Memorial

The Hughston Orthopaedic Center, housed on the 4th floor, offers the latest procedures and technology in orthopaedic care. Computer assisted surgical navigation, minimally invasive surgery using endoscopic and arthroscopic techniques, specialized orthopaedic nurses and staff, and in-house rehabilitation services on the same floor, all contribute to successful surgical outcomes for our patients.

Our rehabilitation facilities extend far beyond the typical exercise room. Our goal is to return the patient home with the skills to maintain an independent lifestyle. Therefore, the treatment of a patient does not stop once surgery is complete. Our physical therapists are specialist in orthopaedics and are devoted to the patient's full recovery. Hughston Rehabilitation offers convenience, innovative treatments, a professional staff, and a desire to educate patients concerning their own health.

World class Diagnostic Imaging

The Jack Hughston Memorial Hospital offers a world-class diagnostic imaging department providing fast, accurate imaging for evaluating injury or disease. Patients who require a CT scan will find that the $1.5 million, 64-slice Volume Computed Tomography (CT) scanner offers a pleasant experience and the most advanced imaging technology available in our area. The device produces high quality split-second images, which allows physicians to see more anatomical detail in a fraction of the time. MRI, mammography, digital x-ray, ultrasound, and nuclear medicine are all available to patients of the Jack Hughston Memorial Hospital.

Hospital and Clinic - Conclusion

Over the years, Hughston physicians have provided quality care in the Chattahoochee Valley using a number of facilities. The Jack Hughston Memorial Hospital is yet another asset that will improve Hughston's ability to provide world-class health care for all. The Hughston Clinic, The Hughston Foundation, and the Jack Hughston Memorial Hospital, are all dedicated to making Dr. Hughston's vision a reality.