Walking Women


No pain, no gain...that's the exercise mantra, but maybe it's time for a new one.  A new study says that walking is just as good for your heart as vigorous  exercise, like jogging or doing aerobics. The Harvard study on post-menopausal women found that brisk walking led to a  30% lower risk of having a heart attack or stroke.. And more vigorous exercise wasn't any better. Experts say the findings should apply to all men and women. So how much do you have to walk? 30 minutes five days a week. But you can split those thirty minutes into 10 minute increments. So a brisk ten minute walk in the morning, another at lunch, and another in the evening will do the trick. But what exactly does "brisk" mean? The study author says it means walking a mile in 15 minutes..We asked  p
ersonal trainer Melinda Gore to show us what that pace looks like .She said , "You should feel your heart beating, but you shouldn't feel out of breath. You should still be able to carry on a conversation."