What You Think About Going to War?

With the war on terrorism in Afghanistan still looming, should the United States get into another war? Our flag represents freedom, but during wartime- it represents all that we are.

Americans have fought numerous wars -against everything from oppression to terrorism, now we could be fighting for disarmament.

Its a role General Jerry White said it is our responsibility as Americans.

"I think we are the leaders of the free world and we have to stand up and we have to hopefully get people to follow us,"said General White.

But with every war, there are casualties. Many of you say disarmament is a good enough cause to fight for.

Jackie Eiland,a Columbus resident said, "If we don't let them know now, they going to take over so let's say you need to stop the trouble before it get started."

"If they have something that could kill us all- get it. Take it,"said Patricia Anderson.

Robert Topp said,"I don't think we need to get involved in it. I mean there's other countries. We seem to put our foot in everything like it's our business."

"Before we actually plunge into a war and commit a lot of American lives, we need to know for definite that he's violated all the sanctions,"said Willie Demps.

General White believes its going to be a close vote in Congress. They are expected to vote on what to do about Iraq. They are expected to vote on what to do about Iraq before the November fifth elections.

Patty Pan