Best times to Buy

By Zaneta Lowe  - bio | e-mail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - From clipping coupons to seeking out the best sales, everyone has a method for finding a good deal, but the consumer watch team has found one that may put even more money back into your wallet.

It is a sales calendar, basically, there is a time of the year to buy everything. According to Consumer Reports, in January, shoppers can save money on everything from televisions, toys and bedding to swimwear, treadmills,even houses and condos.

During the month of February, expect to see discounts on indoor furniture and small consumer electronics like digital cameras and DVD players. In March, winter coats and winter sports gear go on sale; and in April it's spring clothing.

May is a good time to find athletic apparel and shoes,even cordless phones. Think sunshine in June, because that's when summer sports gear is on sale. It's back to school with discounts on computers in July.

This five-piece set of patio furniture originally cost about $130.00, but Wendy Wittenberg got it for $50.00 less. She saved another $30.00 on this set of chairs that first retailed for almost  $90.00. She saved all because she bought it at the right time, in August. The same month is a good time to buy air conditioners, camping equipment and lawn mowers. In September, gas grills, bikes, even shrubs, trees and perennials go on sale.

Digital cameras are a steal in October. In November consumers can roll off the car lot in a cheaper ride as dealers get rid of old models for new ones.  The same is true for toys and televisions again in December.

Before shopping for any item, do your research. Look at online sites, even go store to store to find out what you should really be paying or where you can find the best deal.