Day 2: Ask for Last Year's Purchases

By Zaneta Lowe  - bio | e-mail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -It's a weapon every consumer should have in their arsenal in today's fight to be more frugal,ask for last year's model, display or open box. Just asking can knock a big chunk of change off the sale price.

Take for example, what Best Buy and other retailers call "end of life" items. This means if no one buys them, they go back to the manufacturer. Since retailers would rather make some money than none at all, they are more willing to give you a discount.

Clarence Fedrick from Best Buy says normally stores offer a weekly special. For instance, you could get at $2,799 television for $1,499. Another obvious clue is products sitting on tables with labeled markdowns. We found a cybershot camera  that was almost $30.00 cheaper because it had been opened before.

For bigger appliances, look for those that have been set off to the side.  A brand new washer and dryer set  can cost anywhere from $426.00 to $499.00. However, a model six months older will only cost you $359.00 to $400.00. The difference is nearly $70.00