Day 3: Cut Portion Sizes

By Zaneta Lowe  - bio | e-mail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The Consumer Watch Team is bringing you more news you can use with day three of our special 30 days 30 ways to save. Something you do everyday in your laundry room and kitchen may be sending you straight to the poor house.

Grab you washing powder, dish detergent and all your other cleaning products. You are looking for serving suggestions. Take your laundry detergent for instance. For a large load you're told to fill the cap to line three. We checked around, even did a test of our own,and found the portion size is a little too much.

If you're not really cleaning something with tough stains,you can actually cut back by half and get the same results. Let's put it in the language that matters most, money.  For the average family of four doing eight loads a week, they'll need 16 bottles to get through the year. At nearly $6.00 at bottle that would cost about $100.00. Cut your portions in half though and you do the same thing with the price.

Another place you can cut your portion size is in the kitchen. Research shows the less food you put on the plate the less money you spend buying it. According to the American Dietetic association,the average dinner plate size has increased 36% since 1960. Back then people ate off what would be considered a dinner plate today.