Day 6: Stamp Out Snail Mail

By Zaneta Lowe  - bio | e-mail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -Today's money saving secret can be summed up into this-- keep up with the times! Many of you out there still run to the post office and buy a book of stamps to mail off everything from Christmas cards to bills.

Now it's time to think outside the" mailbox!"

From credit, power to gas, the average family gets 15 bills in the mail a month. Now if you're one of those who uses the handy dandy return envelope that comes with those bills you're spending much more than you think.

Look at it this way, stamp prices go up just about every year. Right now, we're paying 42-cents for one. Multiply that by all your bills, and you can easily shell out $75 a year in stamps alone.

Why not pay your bills online or over the phone with your debit card. Maybe even sign up for bank drafts, that's where those you owe will be able to pull the money directly from you account. It's secure and will not only save money but time.