Day 7: Discount Health Care

By Zaneta Lowe  - bio | e-mail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -A trip to the dentist has been impossible and simply unaffordable for Geraldine Guerra Flowers. After months of searching, Flowers says she finally found a way to get dental care.

"I was happy to find help because I had a bad toothache and you have to sit on a long list to see a dentist through the indigent care program," Flowers says.

That help is coming through the Dental Hygienist Program at Columbus Technical College. Students in training provide cleanings, x-rays, even fluoride and bleaching treatments with the assistance of a licensed dental hygienist and staff dentist.

Visits are free for individuals referred through programs like the House of Mercy and Open Door. However, anyone can make an appointment. An x-ray, cleaning and fluoride treatment costs about $30.00. The same service at a dental office would likely run more than$200.00.

Another place to search for discount health care is online.  At, find out if you're eligible for a free eye exam. We also found a site called It offers a co-payment assistance program and even an option to review medical bills for errors in hopes of getting consumers some cash back.