Day 11: Pop Your Own Popcorn

By Zaneta Lowe  - bio | e-mail

Columbus, GA (WTVM)- Each pop drains a little more out of your pocket.  Microwaveable popcorn is convenient, kind of healthy and certainly a crowd pleaser, but over a year's time it can break the bank.

A box with six 3.5 ounce packs usually runs about $4.50 or more, depending on the brand. Sounds cheap right but not considering what we're about to show you. There's a way for you to still have your corn and eat it too. Here's how it works. Kiss your Pop Secret, Jiffy Pop and Orville Redenbacher goodbye! It's  time to go back to the old fashion way and pop your own corn.

We did the research, and it's well worth your while, especially if you buy in bulk. The Consumer Watch Team found a 50 pound bag for $23.18. Hard to believe but that's a year's worth of popcorn at less than 3 cents per ounce. That much microwave popcorn would cost about $170.00. The difference is nearly $145.00.

You don't even have to waste money on oil. You can put a few tablespoons into a brown paper bag, put it in the microwave and there you go--a simply, savory and money saving treat!