Day 13: Brown Bag It

By Zaneta Lowe  - bio | e-mail

Columbus, GA (WTVM)--Not only are all of those burgers and fries bad for your waistline, they may be even worse for your wallet. Yes, we all know eating out can add up, but have you ever really considered how much?

Well, we did. On any given day you'll find staff members at WTVM shoving their faces with fast food. It's quick, easy and of course we're in the news business and everything is fast paced. The ConsumerWatch team decided to do a little experiment to find out how much everyone was spending and potentially could be saving.

We collected lunch receipts from dozens of co-workers for a little over a week. The average price was just under $6.00 per day.Then we used a lunch savings calculator at You simply plug in the numbers, $6.00 for eating out. We opted to use four for the number of times we bring a bagged lunch because that's about once a week.

The cost of that would be $3.00 and then we used 8% for our investment. That's the rate of return you'd get if you were saving or investing the money instead of spending it. Experts tell me 8% is an average, moderate number for a long term investment. How much could we put back into the bank? After one year,we'd save $150.00,after five nearly $900, but check this out, after ten years, we'd save more than $2,000.