Day 15. Savvy Shopper

By Zaneta Lowe  - bio | e-mail

Columbus, GA (WTVM) --On everybody's wish list there's usually a little bling, maybe even a new car. Gifts like that are harder to come by this year, but something like a new flat screen or digital camera is a little more doable, especially when you have the world wide web on your side. Consumer Affairs reports that between January 2007 and June 2008, 28,000 people bought electronics online and found a better price.  Many of those purchases were on and newer site,

The Consumer Watch Team decided to give the sites a try and searched for digital cameras. Using a site called we found a Canon Power Shot camera for $149.00 at the K-mart on Macon Road. The same camera is about  $36.00 cheaper and goes for $113.30 on Amazon. Don't worry! There's also free shipping. Now there are a few catches. Keep a close eye for pricey add gimmicks, like extended warranties and keep in mind that many of the best deals come early in the season. The sooner you start looking the better.

For those of you looking for something a little cheaper,books and cd's are the way to go. They not only keep more money in your pockets but appear to be thoughtful because you have to keep your loved ones likes and dislikes in mind. We checked out a site called It's owned by ebay but the great thing is it's not an auction. You aren't bidding on the books, cd's and games, but are able to pay a flat price for them. Which in many cases is about 25% cheaper than in stores.

Before you buy on the Internet check out the following websites to price compare:,, or You can also find out what local stores are selling the items for on