Georgia Department of Agriculture: Inspection Facts

Fuel Inspection Fact Sheet

Georgia Department of Agriculture Fuel and Measures inspectors: 24

Number of pumps in Georgia: 141,659

Number of inspections in 2007: 12,279 stations; 119,012 pumps

How often is each station inspected?

We inspect every 18 months as routine.

January 1 - May 31, 2007:  637 calls from consumers reporting problems with fuel and stations

January 1 -- May 31, 2008: 1053 calls from consumers reporting problems with fuel and stations

First five months of 2008, Fuel & Measures received 40 percent more consumer calls than the first five months of 2007.

How are reports from consumers handled?

Consumer reports take priority over routine inspections. Every one is investigated.

Number of complaints about gasoline pumps/gasoline in 2007: 1,415   Some complaints were about quality (water, sludge, wrong octane, etc.) and some were about possible shorting.

What percent of complaints about shorting of gasoline turn out to be valid?

Five percent.

Pumps locked down in 2007: 16,941

This includes those with leaking nozzles, malfunctioning nozzles, light out on digital numbers, shorting customers beyond the tolerance margin, those dispensing water or sludge with gasoline, etc.

Pumps out of tolerance in 2007: 5,590

This includes those giving too much as well as too little.  Approximately 70% were giving more, not less.

What is the margin of error allowed for measurements of the gasoline?

Plus or minus six cubic inches on a five-gallon draft.  Six cubic inches equals 3.3 ounces or 0.026 gallon.

(There are 231 cubic inches in a gallon and 1,155 in five gallons.) 

What action is taken if a pump is out of tolerance?

If a pump is more than 14 cubic inches out of tolerance, we lock the pump.  If it is less than that, we write a violation and give the station three days to correct it.  We re-inspect after the three days to make sure the problem is corrected.  When there are repetitive problems or malicious intent is identified, we hold an administrative hearing in which monetary penalties can be assigned.

Number of tanks shut down for water during 2007: 1,315

How do consumers report a problem with the gasoline they have pumped?

  • Write down the name and address of the station
  • Record the number of the pump
  • Call the phone number on the pump:  1-800-282-5852.