Day 22: Budget Bling

By Zaneta Lowe  - bio | e-mail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) --It sparkles, shines and it's quite easy on the eyes, the wallet though not so much. From rings and bracelets to nice necklaces,jewelry can get expensive.But we talked to one local jeweler who says consumers do have other options.

"This year we've really jumped in and said let's do something that's nice and elegant, but it's inexpensive. For example, The Jewelry Store's Jimbo McCullar says color is red hot this season.

"Blue topaz, smoky topaz, green amethyst and if you say green amethyst, most people are familiar with amethyst as being purple but green is a great alternative color and not that expensive."

We found a necklace outlined in 18 karat gold, with a genuine smoky topaz in the center. It retails for just under $300.00, because most of the piece is set in Italian silver.  The same price would have been $300.00 or $400.00 more expensive if it was made with white gold.

Another big hit on the jewelry scene is a movement toward what's called alternative metals,mixing metals if you will to bring down the price. The Jewelry Store carries several tungsten and titanium pieces, used frequently in men's wedding bands.

"They're very durable and they have a great look, the guys tend to gravitate towards it, very inexpensive, we have tungsten and titanium bands anywhere from $79.00 up to $129.00,"McCullar says. A band of the same weight in white or yellow gold could run up to 500-dollars more. So, if jewelry is on your loved one's wish list for the holidays, there is a way to buy it without breaking the bank.