Six Year Old Saves Family

Nov. 19, 2008

PHENIX CITY, AL (WXTX) -  "I have to say around 1:30 in the morning he woke us up and said he smelled smoke and he got us out.  He saved our lives," said Tyler's Uncle Russell Satterwhite.

Six-year-old Tyler Anderson says he wasn't scared when he woke up and saw the roof of his home was on fire.  Tyler got on the floor crawling under smoke to make sure his grandmother and uncle were awake.  "He ran in the room shaking me and saying smoke!  I got up.   He then took me to get his grandmother and he took us to the front door," said Satterwhite.

Satterwhite says the fire started in the roof and spread throughout the home.  Tyler says when he made his way to wake up his family he remained calm.  "I remembered when we were in school our teachers told us not to panic," said Tyler.

The little hero of the day didn't waste anytime sharing his heroic efforts with other family members as they got word about what happen.  "I got here and he said that his house caught on fire.  He told me he was a hero because he saved his grandma from dying," said Family Friend Cristy Baker.

In the meantime, Tyler says he plans on sharing his heroic efforts with his little cousins, so they can be ready just in case the unthinkable happens to them.

You can make a donation to the family at Phenix-Girard Bank in Tyler's Grandmother's name, Bobbi Couch.