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Springford family friend reacts to guilty plea

John Harrison John Harrison
File photo of Brent Springford, Jr. File photo of Brent Springford, Jr.

By Eileen Jones - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - There's reaction to the surprising guilty plea by accused double murderer Brent Springford, Junior. A family friend and a former south Alabama Mayor, remembers the victims, saying he's relieved the worst is almost over.

John Harrison talks about how long he's known the Springford's, "Probably ever since they got married."

That means he's known them for about 30 years. He was Mayor of Luverne when the family owned and operated a successful Pepsi Cola Bottling Company there. Harrison says, referring the father, "He married into that. Really don't know. I think he was probably from New York. I should know that. I know he was not one of us. He was not a southerner."

Harrison couldn't believe it four years ago when the couple's bodies were found upstairs in their Garden District home. And, he can't believe it now that the couple's only son has pleaded guilty to robbery, burglary as well as their two murders. "As long as it took it to come, I just thought that someway, somewhere, somebody was working on something where this would not happen. To me, I was afraid he might get off."

Harrison and Springford's father were business associates and were both a part of the original group that organized a bank in Luverne. Harrison also thinks he knows why the son did it. "You can just do so many and so much for your children and sometimes your children have to take and be responsible for their own lives and basically what I know is that time had come for Brent and Charlotte with young Brent and maybe they had encouraged him to be his own person and to have his own life."

The Springford's were around Harrison's age.  They were relaxing and preparing to enjoy retirement and after all those years of hard work, sadly, Harrison says they won't get to enjoy it.    

Brent Springford, Junior's trial is set for December 3rd here in Montgomery. Because of his guilty plea, evidence presented is expected to be abbreviated.

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