Day 24: Best Day to Shop

Columbus, GA (WTVM)-- Our Consumer Watch Team has done it again, found one strategy with the potential to save you big bucks on everything you buy. It all boils down to knowing when to stay home and when to go out.

"I got a lot of bells and whistles in the car. I got an iPod, Sirius Radio and upgrade, just so they can move the car." Nancy Wolin was at the right place at the right time, a car dealership on a Monday morning. Most people drive of the lot in their new rides on the weekend and by the beginning of the week sales are slow. Associates are a little more willing to shave off a few bucks and even throw in a few perks.

What's a weekend without a night out a your favorite restaurant? Well,you may want to change your plans for good. Tuesdays are actually a better time to eat out, especially if you want fresh food! Restaurants don't usually get deliverys over the weekend. So by Sunday,they're basically cleaning out the fridge.

A trip to the movies, amusement parks and museums is cheaper on Wednesday. Most places try to draw a crowd with midweek discounts. Wednesday is also the best time to book a getaway. Airlines are trying to fill their planes and are offering their lowest rates to lure you .

The price of oil isn't the only thing that determines how much you'll pay at the pump. says over the weekend demand is so high that prices can spike. Instead, they suggest you fill up on Thursday mornings before 10:00. Basically, that's usually when stations change their prices.

You can also hit up the department stores on Wednesday for a look a the new shipments,but you'll probably want to come back again on Friday and Saturday. Fridays are ideal because you can scope out Saturday's good deal;then,on Sunday stores are again marking down prices for the Sunday rush. Even if employees aren't finished marking down,they usually honor Sunday's price if you ask or have your sales paper with you. Save your grocery shopping for Sunday. The papers are full of coupons plus you can usually still get those items that went on sale on Tuesday and Wednesday.