Day 27: Cutting down on the power bill

Columbus, GA (WTVM)--Want to save some money each month on energy? Start with one of your household appliances that's sucking it out! According to Georgia Power, refrigerators made before 1993 use twice as much energy than new ones.

If it's used as a secondary, it can cost $90.00 more a year to operate,but here are a few tips that will give those high costs the cold shoulder. According to,fill it up!Refrigerators and freezers are much more efficient when they're full. Just not so full that cold air can't circulate.

Next, store food in glass containers. It keeps food colder for a longer period of time, and as we just mentioned, colder food means the fridge keeps its cool much easier. Another tip is to vacuum the coils. They're typically behind the panel at the bottom of a refrigerator. Experts say giving them a good dusting a few times a year, will help use six-percent less energy.

You can also try moving your fridge. Experts say for every degree above 70 surrounding the fridge, increases energy consumption by two-point-five percent. So try a cooler spot in the kitchen.