Day 28: How stores trick you into spending extra money

Columbus, GA (WTVM)--Ever notice how you can go to a store to pick up just one thing and then by the time you check out you have five or six random items in your cart and a bigger bill than you anticipated? Experts say don't be shocked. Retailers do it on purpose.

Stores have specific techniques to get you to pick up all the stuff you don't need! Something as harmless as a shopping cart is actually a trap. You see them as soon as you walk into the store and most of the time think to yourself how convenient it would be lean on and to put your stuff in it, but before you know it, you're heading to checkout with tons of things not on your list. Apparently, it's all psychological. It's easy to see something you like and just toss in in your basket without thinking twice. You usually forget about many of the items until it's time to pay for them. For a quick trip to the store,it may be better to carry your items instead of relying on the cart. Consumer experts say you're more likely to consider whether it's really a worthwhile purchase if you go through the trouble of lugging it around.

Now this next trick is a little more sneaky and chances are you fall for it on every aisle in the store. Many shoppers buy the most expensive version of a product without taking a look at the generics or a different brand of the product that may actually be on sale. Here's a possible reason why. Stores place the most expensive version at eye level. Experts say , for a deal,it's best to work from the bottom up.

The next trap is an optical illusion of sorts. Sometimes items that aren't on sale are made to look like they are. They're either placed in the front of the store, in a bin, or on a display with similar items that really are on sale. To be on the safe side, don't pay attention to the displays. They are designed to get your attention. Only pay attention to prices and sizes.