Day 29: How to get your hands on free stuff

Columbus, GA (WTVM)--With a few pecks on the keyboard and the click of a mouse who knew....fabulous finds for free! The Consumer Watch team hunted for websites where you could find free stuff, and we found a few good ones.

Here's one that's become a favorite, it's called The site has daily listings of free items you can order. Current posts includes everything from free Godiva Chocolate to Tide Total Care Detergent. You can also search by category, plus there are links to other freebie sites like is a freebie forum. It too lists daily deals, many of which are not free. It does though include freebies on occasions and lets you know when the deals expire! When you're on the hunt for freebies, check out your favorite retailers. lists current free samples on its website, and manufacturers like do the same. Simply click on the promotions tab, and for example right now, you can order a free Turtle Chex Mix Bar. So the next time you want to sample a product or really save some money...hit the web, you never know what's waiting for free!