Home for the Holidays

Nov. 27, 2008

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) -  For the Donaldson family, this Thanksgiving is anything but ordinary. This year, they are able to celebrate the holiday together. Captain Donaldson with the 104th Transportation Company returned in September after being in Iraq for fifteen months.

"This is a true blessing actually. I wish the best for the soldiers over there right now who can't be doing this. I know exactly what it feels like because I was doing the same thing for Christmas and Thanksgiving so to actually be here cutting this and be with my family, there's no greater thing in the world," he said.

"We haven't been together for forever and we've never done our own Thanksgiving together so that's exciting to me," said his wife, Brandy.

"It's the sounds and the sights and stuff like that and the music and being with your children that's really part of the holidays. Over there, you don't really get to experience the holidays and here you do so I'm really thankful for that," Captain Donaldson added.

This Thanksgiving also has special meaning for the Purgerson family. Captain Purgerson with USAIC is now cancer-free after being diagnosed with throat cancer earlier this year.

"The cancer came on so fast they told me if I waited two months, there'd be nothing they could do so to have it come on so quickly and leave so quickly is truly the grace of God and it allows me to be with my family," Captain Purgerson said.

"I just feel blessed that I have him here with me because it was such a touch and go situation," said his wife, Lisa.

Two families, not taking anything for granted and remembering what's really important this holiday season.