Tough Economy Affecting Pets

Nov. 27, 2008

LEE COUNTY, Ala. (WXTX)--With our nation's economy crippled, many families are finding it more difficult to provide the necessities for themselves, much less their pets. Local rescue organizations are reporting more and more families are being forced to surrender their pets.

Bella, a homeless stray, was taken in and then adopted out by Four Paws Boutique.

She was well on her way towards a happy ending, but then her loving adoptive family fell on hard times.

"His wife lost her job and he works in the car business hadn't sold any cars," explained For Paws owner, Rebekah Perry.

The family was forced to give Bell back.

"He felt awful, he's called to check on her he's a nice guy In a really bad position. It seems like we are getting a lot more phone calls on a regular basis, saying can you help me find a home for, take in or find anybody that wants because they can't afford to keep their pets," explained Perry.

Perry normally has 1 or 2 dogs she's trying to adopt out, right now she has 11. Larger shelters, like the Lee County Humane Society and Rescue K911 in Camp Hill are having the same problem, more dogs are being surrendered by their owners, and less are being adopted out, because families are avoiding any extra financial responsibility.

The lee county humane society reports the number of families dropping off dogs and cats at the shelter has gone up about 3% this year. Perry is hoping the economy will turn around under a new administration. If not, she fears even more families will make the agonizing decision to let go of their dogs and cats.