Phenix City Settles Lawsuits

Dec. 2, 2008

PHENIX CITY, Ala.  (WXTX) -- Phenix City councilors put two major cases to rest Tuesday morning paying out $120,000 and appointing a new city clerk.

In a unanimous vote city councilors settled the lawsuits with Charlotte Sierra and city councilman Max Wilkes.   The city reached a settlement of $50,000 with Sierra and appointed her as city clerk.  You may remember she filed a civil action lawsuit against former councilman Ray Bush and the city earlier this year.   It stemmed from sexual harassment charges she filed in 2007 against Bush.  She was the administrative to the previous city clerk and was moved to another position within the city earlier this year.

City councilors also reached a $70,000 settlement with another councilman Max Wilkes.   He filed a lawsuit against the city in 2006 after he was let go a few months shy of his 30th anniversary.  He was the municipal court clerk at the time.   Wilkes claimed he was let go because of age discrimination.

Mayor Sonny Coulter says these settlements will help the city move forward.  "I believe both of these cases have gone far too long from being settled.   I believe this is a step to move our city forward," said Coulter.

Sierra will began her new job as city clerk Tuesday.