Teacher Terminated for Unsafe Classroom

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WXTX) - A Muscogee County educator is out of work today after neglecting her students, failing to successfully teach and creating an unsafe learning environment for children.

Dr. Vontrice Roberson was a teacher at Martin Luther King Junior Elementary School for two years when the principal and superintendent refused to renew her contract. Fox 54 sat in on Tuesday's school board due process hearing.

The Muscogee County School Board heard testimony for more than eight hours regarding the "non-renewal" of Dr. Vontrice Roberson's contract.

MLK Jr. Principal, Terry Baker testified, "The lesson plan development was inadequate and it did not reflect good teaching practices even after working with her in that development process."

Several witnesses shared examples of Dr. Roberson allowing Kindergarteners and second graders to disrupt class. She even left a five year old child on the playground.

"So as a result of this kind of thing, and you have fights in the classroom, three or four children fighting and the teacher is standing there as if she is totally oblivious to what is going on in her classroom," added Baker.

Dr. Roberson blamed her lack of attention in the classroom on the way the principal treated her, "It was very hard for me to work there. He harassed me constantly."

One point that was constantly brought up was Dr. Roberson's poor grammar and her inability to teach students to spell correctly. She made a poster for her classroom that said: Be quite. Stay in your sit.

After they heard closing arguments from both sides, the school board voted six to zero to not renew Dr. Roberson's contract.