Woman Arrested For Sumter Co. Murder

SUMTER COUNTY, GA (WXTX) -  Authorities in Sumter County say they have arrested a woman in connection with a 15 month-old murder.

Mary Elizabeth Rogers of Andersonville, was taken into custody by the GBI on Thursday and will be charged with the murder of Demetrius Boone Sr. of Americus.

In September of 2007, Boone's body was found in a creek in Macon County, GA.

Sumter Co. Sheriff Pete Smith states that the arrest of Rogers brings to a close a case that has been unsolved for 15 months.  Sheriff Smith adds that over the past 9 months, the Sheriffs Office Investigative Division was able to develop several leads in reference to this case.  These leads were then relayed to the GBI Americus office, and for the past several weeks, both agencies have been working closely together on this case.

Authorities determined the actual homicide happened in Sumter County. Investigators say they have narrowed down the crime scene to two possible locations.