Two Men Murdered in Columbus Overnight

By Laurie Bernstein - bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Columbus' murder wave finally hit home Friday night for Tamara Mays.

She watched her husband of 5 years, 34-year-old Eric Mays, die right next to her.

"I didn't think I was going to lose him, I thought he just got shot and that was it," said Mays.

Mays says she and her husband met up with some friends for an anniversary celebration at the Fat Trees club on Schtaulga Road.

That's when police say a fight broke out, that eventually spilled outside onto the street.

The couple was trying to get into their truck to leave when Mays was shot several times.

"I tried to hold his shirt on him, over the bullet wound that I did see...he would pop his head back up, then drop it down. He did that two, three times, and then finally he laid his head down and that was it," said Mays.

Police were able to nab one suspect, 36-year-old Antoine Myricks, now charged with murder.

A warrant is currently out for the other suspect, 36-year-old Samuel Donaldson.

Mays considers herself lucky that police know who killed her husband; the same can't be said for the family of 45-year-old Bobby Ramsey.

Police found Ramsey lying in a vacant lot near the intersection of 8th Street and 3rd Avenue around 6 AM, suffering from a large stab wound.

So far, they have no suspects and no leads.

These killings come at the worst possible time; right before the holidays, leaving at least one wife and son with no husband and no father.

"That's all I had, my husband, and they just took him away," said Mays.

Friday night's killings bring the murder count for 2008 up to 27.

Seven of those have been committed in the last two weeks alone.

If you have any information on Samuel Donaldson, you are asked to call Columbus Police.

Antoine Myricks will be in Recorder's Court December 22nd at 8 AM.