School Vandalism Rising During Winter Break

By Taylor Barnhill - bio | e-mail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Children are out of school for their winter break and in the past week or two, there have been several acts of vandalism and burglaries to area schools. Jordan High, Eddy Middle, Marshall Middle and Lonnie Jackson Academy have all been hit over the holiday break.

As News Leader 9 found out -- while the faculty is away, some vandals will play.

Last week Jordan High School administration walked in to a hallway of broken glass in four offices. Police believe a nearby fire extinguisher was used to bust out the glass.

Over the weekend employees at Eddy Middle School dealt with a similar scene when 15 windows were busted out in the back of the school.

"I just believe it is due to inactivity of students, perhaps boredom," said Melvin Blackwell. Blackwell has been the principal at Marshall Middle School for almost three years now. He says vandalism used to be a problem, but has decreased since his time at the school, "When I originally got here there were numerous incidents of broken windows from people passing through campus. But over the past two and a half years it has been a gradual decrease in that activity."

According to police reports, Marshall Middle School had a window broken in to and signs of someone entering the school. Blackwell says luckily, nothing was taken, "We have not had any items taken or damage other than a few windows broken but luckily today there was none discovered even though a report was given."

Lonnie Jackson Academy also reported a break-in but there are no reports of anything missing.

At this time Columbus Police do not have any evidence that these break-ins are related, but they are reviewing all the evidence and all four cases remain under investigation. Of course we'll keep you updated on any new developments.