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Wild, Wild Web Links

Below you will find a list of all links mentioned on air. Also, if you have a neat link or website you would like our Web team to check out, send James an email at jvalles@wtvm.com. Every Thursday on NewsLeader 9 at 6, catch, "Sites You Can Use" websites aimed at making your life easier.

Green Granny Money Saving Tips - April 13, 2009

Play "Trillion Dollar Bailout"
ropeofsilicon.com - "The Click" Feb. 20, 2009

List of FREE V-Day Cards!  | More V-Day E-cards!
TheRomantic.com aired on "The Click" Feb. 13, 2009

Sites featured in "Sites You Can Use" aired on Fed. 13, 2009
CriminalSearches.com FREE background checks
Prosper.com People-to-People lending site
RealAge.com Figure out your real physical age!

Gazelle.com aired on "The Click" Feb. 6, 2009
Beer Bottle Dominoes aired on "Wild, Wild Web" Feb 6, 2009

Sites featured in "Sites You Can Use" aired on Jan. 29, 2009
LogMeIn.com LogMeIn FREE application
Points.com Get the most our of your reward programs.
Techguy.org FREE PC Help

Google Ocean
Celebrations.com aired on "The Click" Jan. 30, 2009

Sites featured in "Sites You Can Use" aired on Jan. 29, 2009
IRS.gov click on the FREE File link

Everythingweown.org/ aired on Jan. 28. Site to help Peter's family.

Sites featured in "Sites You Can Use" aired on Jan. 22, 2009

Sites featured in "Sites You Can Use" aired on Jan. 16, 2009

Instant Snow aired on January 16, 2009
Forklift Disaster aired on January 16, 2009
Bruno the Step Master aired on Jan. 15, 2009
Car in park Fail aired on January 9, 2009
Car in Park aired on January 9, 2009
Gradefund.com Student education financing that encourages academic success
Celebration Fail aired on January 8, 2009
Pen Trick Fail? aired on January 7, 2009
Speeding Ticket Fail aired on January 6, 2009
Pug Head Tilt aired on January 5, 2009


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