The Story of a Job Seeker

COLUMBUS, Ga-(WXTX)-"I've been unemployed for some time now, so I'm real humble, so whatever's available, I'm not in a situation to be too choicy," says Irvin Bell about what took him to the Valley Hospitality Job Fair this morning.

He's one of hundreds who braved long lines and windy weather in hopes of landing some work.

Bell just recently completed a culinary arts program through Open Door, and wants to put those skills to good use.

"You'll always have a job, I know what once you get in, get your foot in the door," says Bell.

A door that Bell hopes opens soon, and so does Michelle Allen.

She's been in retail for seven years, but out of work for three weeks.

"I did a little bit of everything, from customer service to management, just anything and everything in retail, that involved, I did some of the HR, says Allen.

Two people, two completely different backgrounds, but like everyone else at the job fair, Bell and Allen have one goal in mind.

"It's been hard trying to find a job here lately, there's none out there, so any kind of job, I'm willing to take," says Allen.

Both sit through the screening process, where there are questions about employment history and of course plans for the future.

In the end, each walk away with a positive attitude about the process, but still worried that they're leaving the same way they arrived.

"A little nervous, but I good, I feel good about getting a job yeah," says Bell.

"I'm a little nervous, I'm... they said it'll be a couple of weeks before they got in touch with you, I'm just really nervous and really ready to find a job and just start the new year off better than it was when it ended," says Allen.

The Valley Hospitality Job Fair continues on Thursday at the Marriott Hotel on Front Avenue from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.