Chimney Cleaning

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - As the temperatures begin to drop, many people are starting to find ways to keep warm in their homes. For those of you thinking about using that fireplace, you might want to make sure its safe first. Fox 54 caught up with a chimney specialist who tells us some tips for eliminating house fires this winter.

Owner of Professional Chimney Services, Ken Craig told Fox 54, "Whether you're a wood-burning or a gas-burning fireplace, the inspection is the same as both produce heat and that's the biggest danger in fireplaces."

Craig says the dangers of a house fire this time of year are heightened with older homes, "Older chimneys built prior to modern codes do not have safety features built in and through history its those faults that led to fires."

Some of you handy people may think you can clean it yourselves, but Craig advises against it, "Cleaning it themselves is better than no cleaning, but that's only part of the story. Proper removal of hazardous materials takes special tools."

When you make the call for a chimney cleaner, make sure they are certified and have the proper credentials.

Craig says make sure the specialists are, "Properly trained in inspection techniques and up-to-date on modern codes and on National Fire Association standards."

Even though money is tight these days, getting your chimney clean and insuring your family's safety is worth it.

"The economy has not affected business a lot because more people, in order to save money, turned to using fireplaces and that has increased business slightly," added Craig.

It may not seem like something you think about during the heat, but the summer months are actually the best times to get your chimney cleaned. Craig says right now his business is really busy because many people are just now realizing they need fireplaces checked. And like we mentioned, make sure you get a certified person to do the inspection.