Teacher Facing Molestation Charges

TROUP COUNTY, GA (WXTX) - A Troup County teacher accused of child molestation awaits trial.

Forty-five year-old Elizabeth Gaddy had been teaching in the Troup County School system since the early 80's.

School officials say it wasn't until November 2008 when the school board began questioning Gaddy's professional conduct.

"As soon as parents came forward, an investigation did begin and at that time none of that information included sexual misconduct. That information was brought to the Sheriff's Office directly from parents," said Communications Director, Catherine Holmes.

Deputies then arrested the 7th grade teacher for reportedly having sexual relations with the 13 year-old student.

Gaddy resigned her position at Callaway December 19th.

The District Attorney's Office is waiting for the Sheriff's Department to complete its investigation.

"They will then turn over the entire case file to our office. It will be reviewed. If there are additional witnesses to be interviewed, we'll work with the Sheriff's Department to interview those additional witnesses. Then the case will be presented to a grand jury for consideration of charges," said, District Attorney, Peter Skandalakis.

In the meantime, administrators are stressing the seriousness of the allegations.

"Our first and primary goal is to keep children safe, so they'll be in a mind frame to learn," says Holmes.

Gaddy is facing three charges of child molestation. She was released on a $30,000 bond. The D.A.'s office says she'll go before a Grand Jury in May.