7 year-old needs help after ruptured brain aneurysm

7 year-old Maegan Johnson
7 year-old Maegan Johnson

By Taylor Barnhill - bio | e-mail

SMITHS STATION, AL (WTVM) - A seven-year-old Smith's Station Elementary School student is recovering from a brain aneurysm. Second grader, Maegan Johnson was rushed to the emergency room just a few days before Christmas after complaining of a headache and then collapsing. Now her classmates and teachers are now working to help the family with their medical bills.

Maegan's best friend, Katy Erlandson told News Leader Nine, "It's kind of sad because we miss her and we've been praying for her."

Students and teachers at Maegan Johnson's school are collecting items for her family during this tough time.

"We've made cards and sent money and stuff and some presents for her," said classmate Nicholas Darlington.

Maegan's older sister, Mikayla added, "We made pins with Maegan on it in honor of her and her favorite colors are pink and purple."

Leigh Powell is Maegan's teacher at Smith's Station Elementary. She told us, "The pin has her name on it. Her sisters made it and it was an appreciation for praying for Maegan and her mom said it was a reminder of Maegan each day."

Mrs. Powell knows second graders can't grasp a lot of information about Maegan's condition, so she gives them updates they can understand, "She's sleeping a lot, is what we tell them. And she's doing little things that we are excited about because it shows she's getting better, but it may be a long time before she gets back."

"She's at Scottish Rites. She's doing a little better each day," said Katy.

Her sister Mikayla added, "She's doing pretty well. A couple of days ago she was talking a bit."

Morgan, Maegan's twin, is coping with her absence, and family members say their bond is having a miraculous effect on Maegan's blood pressure.

"One time when I was talking to her it was around 180, and while I was talking to her on the phone it went down to 79," Morgan told News Leader Nine.

Since Maegan's recovery is taking longer than expected, the family does need help financially. There is an account set up at CB&T Bank in Maegan Johnson's name. You can also send any donations to the following address:

Maegan Lauren Johnson
c/o Sandy M. Wilson
P.O. Box 666
Smith Station, AL 36877