Phenix City School Employees To Participate in Scale Back Alabama

January 12, 2009

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) -- Losing weight can be hard, but this year, Phenix City Schools Employees are doing it together as a group.

"My goal is to lose 40 pounds.  I have high blood pressure and I am trying to bring that down so I can get off the medicine," said Transportation Secretary Helen Rousseau.

Scale back is a 10-week program geared to encourage Alabamians to lose weight and exercise more.  Each team consist of four people, focusing on each person dropping at least 10 pounds by the end the program.  School officials hope employees are able to have a positive impact on students.  "It's wonderful to have administrators, teachers, and faculty members as role models for our kids.   We hope they learn to eat better," said Child Nutrition Director Dr. Brindlea Griffin.

There are several weigh-in sites across the state and representatives in Russell County are teaching the most important part of losing weight and it's not exercise.  "Portion size is very important.   I try to teach participants to eat the right portion size," said Russell Co. Health Dept. Representative Sarah McCurry.

McCurry says exercise is important, but eating right is equally important.  This is why many participants are taking the initiative very seriously.  "I hope I reach my goal this year.  I am going to work really hard," said Rousseau.

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