Update: Auburn student assaulted at fraternity house

By Chris Vessell bio | email

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - It's been almost a week, since a student was assaulted at an Auburn University fraternity house. However, there still haven't been any arrests made, and the university has yet to take disciplinary action.

"We have 51 organizations on campus and incidents of this nature are rare," Paul Kitter, Director of Greek Life at Auburn University said. It's a rare assault that leaves Taylor Jones, age 18, in intensive care at Columbus Regional Medical Center.

Police say Jones was assaulted in the parking lot of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity house on January 11th around 2:00 AM. Sigma Phi Epsilon's advisor Dr. John Cottier told News Leader 9 the fraternity was having a party that night with invited guests only. He also said that some of the fraternity brothers are alleging that the assault occurred after Jones tried to get into the party. Meanwhile, Auburn Police say it's unsure whether Jones was assaulted by a fraternity brother.

"After an incident occurs, of coarse we want to meet with them. Our first question is, we need to find out where did the plan break down and how can we be proactive so that it doesn't happen again," Paul Kittle, Director of Greek Life at Auburn University said.  Kittle says the fraternity is expected to turn in a written account of what happened by the Saturday, January 17th. Kittle says Jones was not a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon or any other fraternity.

"There are expectations that when they host an event its done properly, and its properly secure, and its properly worked," Kittle said. The fraternity's advisor says there was a security guard on duty as the fraternity was hosting the party. The director of Greek Life says any disciplinary action taken against Sigma Phi Epsilon or one of its members would most likely take place early next week.

"Our process is we'll get the report, we'll review it and then after that, once we've evaluated it, then we'll decide if it needs to move forward at another level," Kittle said.