Liberty National Hiring

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - The newest Georgia unemployment numbers paint a dismal picture.

State unemployment rose to 8.1% last month, the highest in more than a quarter century.

Right now, 393,168 Georgians are looking for a job.

But despite the grim news, an Alabama-based insurance company is hoping to hire 5,000 people this month.

And some of those jobs are coming to Columbus.

The Liberty National Life Insurance company is different than most other local employers.

They're hiring 150 people in Columbus and another 50 in Opelika this week.

"That's just scratching the surface because in a typical week, I'm looking to hire 10 people, week in, week out," local branch manager Kevin Ferguson said.

Despite the economy being down and unemployment constantly on the rise these days, the insurance business is booming.

"It's pretty much industry-wide. I think that there's not an insurance company out there that would turn anyone away. They are all good companies, they're all regulated by the insurance commissioners office, they're all a tremendous career," Ferguson said.

While it may seem to defy the odds, a career is what Liberty National is offering.

You only need a high school diploma to apply and there is opportunity for advancement within the company.

Justin Ferguson has been with the company for nearly six years.

"We welcome any and all people that want to come and begin a career. I use that word a lot about coming to work, because there's a difference between a job and a career, we offer a career here," Ferguson said.