Man reunites with missing dog after five years

By Chris Vessell bio | email

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - A West Georgia man is reunited with an old friend after he had been missing for years.

The memories came flooding back as Randy Dely saw an old pal from ages past on Thursday. "He was just like any other lab, tore everything, he would chew it up, and run and play all the time," Dely said. The labrador retriever recently showed up at Michelle Golden's Beauregard home without a collar.

"Something told me to bring him up here to see if he had a chip," Golden said. She works at the pharmacy at Auburn University's School of Veterinary Medicine, and decided to have her co-workers take a look at the dog. "We brought him up here yesterday, and sure enough, we scanned him and he had a chip and we all got so excited," Golden added.

The chip's information led to a phone call to the dog's owner. Golden didn't expect what her inquiry would lead to. "So when we called of course, we got the shock of our life just like he did," Golden said.

"I told her that the dog had been missing for quite a while. At first, she was kind of under the impression that the dog was just missing for a small amount of time until I told her," Dely said. Almost five years later, the two friends are back together again. Dely is from Americus, Georgia where he serves as Webster County's Sheriff. His dog somehow ended up more than a hundred miles away.

"I don't know if he knows his name or not, but he seems to when you call him," Dely said. Ace appears to be trained, and the Vet Clinic says the dog has been well cared for. "I don't think he's been out running around forever. Somebody had him and took really good care of him," Dely said.

Golden says she's done her part as an pet lover. "I hope he gets those memories back, that he had in the pen with him and (realizes) this is my true family now," Golden said. Meanwhile, Dely leaves the vet clinic with a friendship that's come full circle.

"The whole experience has been amazing to me. I would have never believed that I'd ever see this dog again to be honest with you," Dely said. Ace had been gone for about 35 years in "dog years". However, the labrador retriever was excited to jump in his owner's truck when he left the vet clinic Thursday morning.